Mantra Group is a group of diversified businesses, which emerged from the erstwhile Mantra Auto Finance Limited established in August 12, 2014. It rebranded into a Group on February 6, 2018. The group comprises Mantra Auto, Mantra Auto Microcredit, Mantra Courier, Mantra Security and Mantra Driving School.

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Mantra Group

Your Credible Business Partner

Mantra Auto Ghana

Automobile, Parts and General Maintenance.

Your Credible Auto Partner

Mantra Courier

Logistics Delivery & Corporate Dispatch Services.

Your Credible Delivery Partner

Mantra Security

Vehicle Alarms & Tracking System Services.

Your Credible Auto Security Partner

Mantra Driving

Driving School & General Driving Training Services

Your Credible Driving Partner

Mantra Auto Microcredit

Auto Loans & More

Your Credible Auto Loan Partner


Mantra Group, our group of companies offer services and products ranging from auto loans, auto parts, vehicle security, driving school, to corporate deliveries. We are your credible business partner in the auto industry.

Frequently Ask Questions

We are here to serve your auto needs.

Do you offer car loans?

Yes, our auto microcredit firm handles that, call us on (233) 233 773 791. We provide customers with the best and affordable deals in order for them to own a car for their private use, commercial purposes and transportation of goods. You are at the right place if you are looking to either buy a new car or replace an old one. We also provide loans for engine replacement and purchases of other car parts.

I have technical problem, what line should I call?

Our head of technical will attend to all your technical needs, once you sign up as a client. Call us on (233) 233 773 791.

How do I enrol in the driving?

Simply Call us on (233) 233 773 791, we will find the best time for your training. Driving School and General Driving Training Services Drive ability of a vehicle means the smooth delivery of power, as demanded by the driver. That’s why we provide our students with the best to become Safety Drivers for Ghana and beyond. We don’t only provide our students with only theoretical education but also attitude and experience towards driving in every part of the world.

Can my car alarm be fixed in 24hours?

Yes, your car security is of prime importance, just reach us on (233) 233 773 791. The safety of our customers is our priority therefore we provide them with long lasting and expert installations of alarms and tracking systems in their vehicle to prevent theft and damages. We provide and install dash cams & rear-view cameras for a comprehensive security solution. Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe is our core aim. We can help!!

Can you provide me with any car spart part?

Do let us know the car model and part you want, call (233) 233 773 791. We provide cars that best define your personality and status. We give our clients the best vehicle life and ownership experience by providing authentic spare parts required to meet repair and maintenance. We aim at enhancing customers convenience by extremely reducing the time spent on maintenance and guaranteeing delivery as promised. In spite of your car parts challenges, we are available to help you determine the specific car part at affordable price whether it is brand new or slightly used car parts.

How do I contact your delivery services?

Call our courier services hotline on 055 000 0041. We focus on providing fast and reliable delivery services by being efficient and effective to satisfy the needs of our customers within the short time limits.

Head Office

Locate us at C159/3, Paradise Street Asylum Down, Accra. Opp. Shield Hotel. Call us on (233) 277 773 791

For inqueries kindly email us at